Scalable, On Demand Contracted Software Development

It is a Challenge to determine the right people for an IT project.  Especially for a new project where the technologies involved are not yet determined.  Competition steals away your winners and employers prefer local talent which drastically reduces the size of the applicant talent pool.  Compounding this, developers over-state their competencies since they want the job.  And with the employer demands that the applicant be experienced in myriad of technologies (such as SQL, jQuery, IIS, CSS, Entity Frameworks and DevExpress), the only possible outcome is that the people hired are generalists and dangerous to the project.

  1. Under estimating the competence level required is probably the single most common mistake hiring mistake.  People cannot utilize technologies they do not understand.
  2. The second most common mistake is expecting developers to be competent with a myriad of complex and vastly different technologies used in different layers within the technology stack.

We see these 2 critical errors everywhere.  Here’s some compelling facts, based upon trusted 3rd party surveys:

A December 2010 KPMG survey cited here provides startling insights;

  1. Survey shows an incredible 70% of organizations have suffered at least one project failure in the prior 12 months
  2. 50% of respondents indicated that their project failed to consistently achieve what they set out to achieve!

As evidenced by the Business Analysis Benchmark Report prepared by IAG Consulting, 68% of all IT projects experience complete failure:

  1. Companies with poor business analysis capability will have three times as many project failures as successes.
  2. 68% of companies are more likely to have a marginal project or outright failure than a success.
  3. In fact, 50% of this group’s projects were “runaways” which had any 2 of the following:
    • Taking over 180% of target time to deliver.
    • Consuming in excess of 160% of estimated budget.
    • Delivering less than 70% of the target required functionality.
    • The vast majority of projects surveyed did not utilize sufficient business analysis skills to consistently bring projects in on time and budget.
    • The level of competency required is higher than that of the people employed on projects for 70% of the companies surveyed.

Based upon fact based studies by reliable 3rd parties such as KPMG, ZDNet, IAG and others, the failure rate of IT projects is 68% and it’s not getting better.   With the current scarcity of competent resources, the fast pace of the software industry and organizations not investing enough in technical education for their people, it is getting worse.  Truly, it’s all about the IT competencies of the people involved.

Can you relate to budget overruns, time lines multiplying and buggy deliverables not providing the expected features?

Let ITBGN assist you by providing a pool of proven, time tested experienced educated talent.  But just as important, let us help you ensure that developers focus on their expert core competencies, rather than trying to do and be more than they are.  Rather than have developers struggling with a technology they are some-what familiar with, let us help them focus on what is in their brain..  The end result?  Stable, architecturally correct code completed on time and on budget.

Stop the Bleed.  Stop the hurt.  Let ITBGN assist you.