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Today, trusted referral introductions drives in new business.


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70% of our business is generated by people who know we can help their friend or colleague with their software project.  That’s why we need people like you to provide a trusted introduction.

We do business with North American companies, mostly USA based clients.  Our software projects range from tiny ($5000) to large ($750,000).  Our average project size is $150,000.  New clients start off with a small project or POC, then ramp up to a larger project.  However, note our referral offer is not specific to a project, we pay you for all the business generated by the client you introduced.

Now’s a good time to view hundreds of skill set endorsements from my LinkedIn network and many professional recommendations from my LinkedIn contacts.

Here’s our referral offer:

  • If you introduce us to people who need our help, we will pay you a constant commission for every dollar of business generated, regardless if you are involved with the project or not.
  • It does not matter where you live, if you provide a lead or provide a trusted introduction, the rates do not change.
  • We pay 5% on the first $5000 of business generated, then 3% thereafter, forever as long as we are doing business with your connection.  For long term clients, this means you get rewarded for years.
  • Based upon our average project size, your referral of a project will result in you being paid $4,850 USD.  That’s a HUGE reward considering your effort is maybe 1 or 2 hours total.  For a large project, you can expect at least $20,000 USD.  Note our largest to-date referral deal paid the project manager over $35,000.00 USD.  For 2 hours of effort, he made $17,500 USD per hour.  From your perspective, the key here is to provide referrals for large projects.
  • For every USD dollar billed to your connection, for as long as we do business with them, we will pay your commission once or twice per month, depending upon NET 15 or NET 30 day terms provided to the client.
  • Since you are providing a formal introduction, it is highly unlikely ITBGN is already doing business with them.  Referral conflicts may occur (two people provide an introduction to the same client), but such cases will be rare.  As a general rule, the 1st person to refer a client gets the commission.

What We DO:

  • We build custom software to your exact specifications.
  • We provide extreme visibility of daily efforts and progress to stakeholders.
  • We have extensive experience creating complex business applications (200+ projects).
  • We have nearly 500 years of combined technology experience.
  • We are Enterprise class, but not Enterprise expensive.
  • We guarantee our work.

Technologies we are Expert with:

.NET Access Angular / Angular2
Bootstrap Crystal Reports CSS
Entity Framework HTML5 & Sockets Ionic2
iPad, iPhone Apps Mobility (all) MS SQL
My SQL Node.js PayPal Invoicing
REST API’s Social Media API’s Telerik
VB, C# XML/XLST and more..

Domain / Market Experience:

Accounting Analytics Banking
Conferencing Education ERP
Finance Healthcare Hospitality
Insurance Inventory Control LMS
Medical Oil & Gas Point of Sale
Vertical Applications VoIP & Streaming and more..

Still Not Yet Convinced?

Gary CampbellIf you are not yet comfortable in providing a trusted referral, feel free to call me, browse a few pages on our site (Projects completed, Competency article, Software Development Pitfalls article) and PLEASE VIEW MY LinkedIn profile (must view).

Let’s have a call, I can have some of our VP’s participate – A few of them are world famous (such as Dino Esposito, MVP and author of 20+ .NET books plus hundreds of MS Cutting Edge articles).  We can also have a GOTO meeting or a group conference call.

I am available from 6:00 am Pacific to 10:00 pm Pacific. (9:00 am EST to 1:00 am EST).  Please note we do not do the offshore $15-25 dollar per hour freelancer work.  To understand why low rates do not equate to value, view my Competency article.  My developers are 10+ year veterans, most have a degree, our internal infrastructure has 6 layers of Enterprise Class security, we host staging systems, we provide an online portal to track progress, we provide a TFS repository, we build serious, complex business software, we legally guarantee our work and we are A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau.  Finally, we perform work on an hourly, monthly and a flat rate basis.

We are the people that most of our clients wished they called first.  We deliver our promise of providing higher quality software faster for less.

Skype: gary.campbell.itbgn
Telephone: (250) 859-3610

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