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Dino Esposito. Senior .NET Architect

IT Testimonial

DinoMy name is Dino Esposito. I am a senior .NET software architect, author of many .NET technology books, writer for many technical publications such as MSDN Cutting Edge and speaker at Microsoft Visual Studio developer conventions.

Gary’s approach to development is unique in that he understands that today’s developers cannot be experts in all technologies.  By separating development into a proven architecture, and then further separating the layers to specific skill sets, his infrastructure forces developers to develop software using a limited but expert skill set.  This development approach provides true separation of concerns, while also providing an optimal infrastructure for unit testing and ensuring maintainable code for the life cycle.

I would not hesitate to recommend Gary Campbell for any type of web based development, based upon my technical review of a private career college LMS solution his team built from scratch.