Our Core Values

Business Cornerstones

Our CORE VALUES differentiate us from the crowd.  We live by these cornerstones.  They are the same values my wife and I attempted to instill in our children via years of community volunteer efforts (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Sparks, Brownies, Guides, School PAC, school reading, cup-cake days and athletics such as soccer, baseball & hockey).  They are the values you expect, the values you demand, the values we live by and the essence of that we deliver.


We develop intellectual property for our clients.  We receive access to private and confidential information.  Trust must be a foundation of our business.  We protect client privacy, client data and intellectual property using industry best practices and 6 layers of security, not to mention we guarantee this via legal NDA and MSA contracts.  Bluntly stated, we must protect our client’s IP better than they do themselves.


We will not overstate our experience or competencies nor understate costs or timelines.  We believe that frank, accurate, and honest communication is always in everyone’s best interest.


If it’s our fault, we fix it at no cost.  If there is an issue, we will correct it.  If timelines we promised are getting tight, without being prompted, we will eat the cost and work extra hours at no additional cost to deliver what we promised.


Nobody owes us a living.

Our skills and knowledge must generate meaningful, positive and valued results to our clients, their stakeholders and shareholders.

We must provide higher quality work for less than what a client can accomplish internally.

We can do this since we have a larger, more experienced talent pool (we employ 25 full-time permanent developers from a larger talent pool than most clients).

We provide higher quality work faster due our more complex infrastructure and development approach (since we are in the business of software development). As quoted by Dino Esposito (world renowned .NET expert, author of 22 .NET books) “Gary’s approach to development is unique in that he understands that today’s developers cannot be experts in all technologies. By separating development into a proven architecture, and then further separating the layers to specific skill sets, his infrastructure forces developers to develop software using a limited but expert skill set. This development approach provides true separation of concerns, while also providing an optimal infrastructure for unit testing and ensuring maintainable code for the life cycle.

We also have an extremely wide tech stack as we work with many companies each year (unlike a single company). While less competent but intelligent and capable, internally hired developers can eventually figure things out, quality code drips off our developers fingers, resulting in faster and less costly development.  Not to mention we deliver higher performance, more scalable and secure solutions which have a 20% lower cost of maintenance.


Each day, you will be able to access, see and feel daily progress.  We provide extreme visibility, our clients can view source code check-ins, see and visualize daily progress via our client staging system, or view pivots comparing hours worked to % complete in comparison to estimated time per task via our online project portal.  This extreme visibility provides day to day confidence that the project plan is truly on-track, not to mention that all requirements, milestones, estimates, task details, progress and all correspondence is conveniently located in one single location available 24×7.


We are advocates for our clients, we treat their spending as if it was our own money, as if the cash came from our own wallet.   We strive to save your money and your time.


We place our faith in long-term relationships, through thick and thin, we stand with our clients.  You will count on us and we will always being here.


We treat our clients and their staff like we treat our own parents.  We will respect your time, your experience, your expertise and your dedication to help you craft the best possible solution.