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Co-location - Research Drive

Co-location – Research Drive

ITBGN’s VP of Networks and services owns his own commercial co-location.  This enables us to provide enterprise class co-location hosting services for IIS, MS SQL, EXCHANGE, VISUAL STUDIO, TFS, SHAREPOINT and more.

Are your needs simple or complex?  Are you considering to migrate Exchange or other services to a central cloud?  Do you require a separate development, staging and production environments?  Are you considering Azure?

How about Terminal server or RDP  virtual work-spaces?

From simple to complex, from shared hosting to dedicated hardware, ITBGN can either scope, source and custom build a secure network for you or we can host and service it for you.

Let us inform you of the benefits of virtualization, Could computing and other cost saving objectives.  From day to day including 24×7 support, we will reduce your IT overhead.

Co-location Details:

Server Racks

Cole’s data center uses genuine IBM X-Series rack mount servers utilizing the latest Multi-Core Xeon processors running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Data Center Edition with Hyper-V R2 technology.  All servers have dual redundant power supplies.  Our network is protected using multiple layers of security starting with a pair of redundant Cisco ASA 5500 series Firewalls. All equipment is protected using APC Smart-UPS battery backups which are connected to emergency backup natural gas generators that can provide an endless supply of emergency power.

All servers are connected to IBM fiber channel SANs which are comprised of SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) hard drives running in RAID-10. This configuration provides the ultimate in speed and redundancy.  All SANs have redundant fiber channel controllers and power supplies which are connected using redundant UPS systems.

All Virtual Machines are backed up to a separate IBM SAN storing multiple recovery points for quick restorations.  These backups are also collocated to our IBM library for off-site backup.

The facility is connected using redundant fiber connections through Shaw/BigPipe and Bell/GT that utilize BGP routing which ensures you get fastest fail-safe connection possible.  Shaw Business Solutions has over 625,000 kilometers of fiber across North America and has capacity in excess of 1Tbps while Bell is comprised of two completely diverse fiber routes with redundant SONET OC-192 rings.  Our connection partners provide peering with all major networks and contractually provide us with a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

The data center is temperature controlled and monitored using an electronic sensing system.  Also, the facility utilizes redundant APC InRow chilled water cooling towers which are provided a constant flow of chilled water.