Development Team

ITBGN Development Office Our development office is located in Noida at the TRUSTONE complex.  Located in a special economic zone (SEZ), it is a tax-free enclave conducive to the high end knowledge industry like Information Technology.

This state-of-the-art facility provides modern amenities such as air-conditioning, cafeteria, green space, back-up power and room for ITBGN to expand.  Currently, we have space for 30 developers with options to ramp up to 500.

We have our own dedicated satellite tower which ensures our Internet traffic is dedicated, secure and private.  Our satellite tower is also backed-up with battery and diesel power, ensuring our developers are always connected.

Our full-time permanent developers have some 300 years of combined development experience in the commercial space.  Since they have worked with many clients each year, they have been exposed to far more tech stacks, source codes and development approaches than a person who has worked for 2 or 3 different companies.  This invaluable experience translates to a higher quality product that is completed in less time.

Our developers are provided state-of-the-art hardware, multiple screens and other resources such as staging servers and testing environments, all of which are integrated and locked down on our private network.  At ITBGN, personal use of our workstations is prohibited, for that, we provide a separate DMZ for developers to use with their personal mobility devices.

Here’s a few pictures of Rachit (our VP of development) and our development team.