Custom Software Development and IT Services

Development Services

ITBGN provides the following IT services:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Enterprise Architecture consulting
  • Back door | Security hole code reviews
  • Business Analysis & Requirements Assistance
  • Denial of Service prevention
  • Emergency IT Assistance (hardware, network, development and deployment)
  • Employee and Candidate Competency Assessments
  • Firewall management and assistance
  • GAP Skill Set Analysis
  • IT Project Management Services
  • IT Project Management Reviews
  • Network probing | Exploit | Denial of Service consulting
  • Project Rescues
  • Project Status Verification
  • Project Timeline Sanity Checks
  • SEO Optimization including structured data and rich snippet tweaking
  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Source Code Refactoring
  • Source Code reviews
  • SQL Optimization
  • Technology specific consulting (by MVP’s)
  • ITBGN also provides general estimates (free) and in-depth project cost projections

ITBGN also assists with project deployments and rollouts.  If your project is not on track, let us assist you.