Scalable, Trusted, Contract Based Software Development

ITBGN is an IT specialist group, providing enterprise services from strategy consulting to infrastructure and development, confirmation reviews and project support services to small, medium and large organizations across US, Canada and worldwide via its highly skilled departments and executives.

ITBGN Summit Meeting n Vegas

ITBGN Summit Meeting n Vegas

ITBGN fills gaps.  A skill gap.  A knowledge gap.  An experience gap.  A management gap.  That’s all we do.  But we do it using the best of the best, with world renowned, awarded, certified experts, all working under one roof, working together to provide a complete solution.

ITBGN also provides verification of IT skill set competencies.  By confirming candidate or employee skill set competency, corporations can better manage the resources.  Confidence is raised and due to better project management, risk is substantially reduced.  Did you know that nearly 70% of corporations do not employ people with the competencies required for the project they are involved with?  See Point #5 – Why projects fail (Ziff Davis).

Today, IT projects are comprised of many software technologies and varying hardware and operating systems.   A single person can no longer be in expert in all technologies.  A single expert stands alone, they cannot provide a solution due to their limited scope of expertise, even if they are smart and capable.  By providing a team with extensive experience, and by utilizing a philosophy and management infrastructure which allows experts focus on their core skills, projects are back on track and the bleeding stops.  And for new projects, the bleed never starts.  For new or existing projects, please review Software Projects completed.